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Our AI-driven discovery tool is designed to help investors find stocks and ETFs that align with their personal investment criteria. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, this tool provides personalized recommendations based on user preferences, financial goals, and risk tolerance.

Branded Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are designed to deliver a powerful and convenient user experience on the go. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the apps offer an award-winning sleek user-friendly interface that provides access to all essential features, including:
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Intuitive menus and icons for easy access to all functionalities.
  • Push Notifications: Real-time alerts and updates to keep you informed.
  • Account Management:: Manage your profile, settings, and preferences directly from your mobile device.
  • Transaction History: View and track your recent activities and transactions.
  • Support: Quick access to help resources and customer support via chat or call.
  • Security: State-of-the-art security features like biometric login and end-to-end encryption to protect your data.
Our mobile apps can be branded and customized to your specific requirements. They are regularly updated to incorporate user feedback and the latest technological advancements, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

API Interface

Our API (Application Programming Interface) offers robust and flexible integration capabilities for developers looking to enhance their applications with our services. Designed with RESTful architecture, our API provides secure and reliable access to a wide range of functionalities, including:


Secure API key and token-based authentication methods.

Data Access

Retrieve, update, and delete user data and preferences.

Service Interaction

Interface with our core services to manage accounts, process transactions, and more.

Data Access

Retrieve, update, and delete user data and preferences.

Error Handling

Comprehensive error codes and messages to help diagnose and resolve issues quickly.


Extensive API documentation with examples and guidelines to assist developers in integrating our API with their applications.

Our API is built to support high-performance applications, offering scalability and efficiency to meet the demands of modern software development.

Intelligent Matching Algorithm

  • Criteria Matching:Match stocks and ETFs based on various criteria such as industry sectors, market capitalization, dividend yield, growth potential, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) scores.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluate the risk profile of each stock or ETF, ensuring alignment with the user's risk tolerance.
  • Diversification Strategy: Recommend investments that help diversify the user's portfolio to mitigate risk and enhance potential returns.

Branded Website Portal

We can design a customized website portal to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing users to access and manage their accounts with ease. The portal can include features such as a clean and modern interface, with straightforward navigation and a responsive design that adapts to any screen size, ensuring usability on both desktop and mobile devices. Key functionalities include:
  • Dashboard: An overview of your account status, recent activities, and quick links to essential features.
  • User Profile Management: Easily update personal information, preferences, and settings.
  • Notifications: Stay informed with real-time market signals, alerts and updates.
  • Support: Access to help resources, FAQs, and direct contact options for customer support.
  • Security: Enhanced security features like two-factor authentication, biometrics, and login activity monitoring.
Our website portal can be customized to provide users with the latest features and improvements, making it the central hub for all your account management needs.

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